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Why join CXaccredited?

Being a CXaccredited member means you have independent proof that you are a certified customer service professional, and that you understand the principles of modern Customer Experience & Service. Every company worldwide is looking for new employees to understand these principles and those that have them are in demand.

Use your free CXaccredited membership to help your LinkedIn profile, CV and cover letters stand out from the crowd, potentially giving you the edge over other candidates with new employers.

What do you get with your individual membership?

  • A new status, an "Accredited Customer Experience Professional" or ACXP for short

  • A CXaccredited ebadge you can place on your LinkedIn or other profiles to prove your professional accreditation

  • Our exclusive LinkedIn profile health check workbook, "Mastering LinkedIn", that will help you get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters

What happens next?

  • After you join we will send you an introductory email containing:

    • An e-copy the CXaccredited Workbook.

    • An e-copy of our "Mastering LinkedIn" workbook

    • The link to complete the online Knowledge Check. Don't worry, the workbook contains everything you need to know to complete it

You can take the Knowledge Check as many times as you like once completed you will be able to download your ACXP membership e-badge for use on your LinkedIn profile, CV, or Cover Letters

That's it, use your membership to prove you are CXaccredited professional on your CV, in your job applications and LinkedIn profile and look forward to being able to prove you are a certified Customer Service Professional.