Code of Conduct

Being a CXaccredited business means you pledge to run your business by the Code of Conduct detailed below.


If your business is to succeed, you must consistently deliver great service to your customers. As a Business Member of CXaccredited you agree to conduct your business by the Code of Conduct detailed below. You should promote this to your customers, giving them the confidence that you will always have their needs at the heart of your business and that they can use you with confidence, time and time again.

A clearly stated customer promise will influence the expectations of your customers. It is a very important tool in improving your customer experience. On the final page you will find the Code of Conduct formatted into a Customer Promise poster that you should display with pride in your business or on your website.

Code of Conduct

As a business, we will:

  • do what we say we will do
  • follow processes correctly
  • keep customers informed
  • protect and respect customers personal information

All team members will:

  • be helpful, polite, and treat you fairly and with respect
  • be friendly at all times
  • be professional at all times
  • be knowledgeable about our products and services
  • listen and try to understand customers’ needs
  • be appropriately efficient for each customer
  • always try to meet or exceed customers’ expectations

When customers have a complaint, we will:

  • investigate all complaints quickly and inform customers of the findings
  • take all complaints very seriously
  • provide the right information
  • explain things clearly
  • say sorry and put it right if we make a mistake
  • use the complaint to improve how we do things

To continually improve, we will:

  • endeavor to continually improve our products and service
  • always strive to make things easy for our customers
  • use customers feedback to improve how we do things